ISRC Codes and CD Text: Reading on a MacIntosh

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Paul Kelly wrote:

Hi Bob,

Can you tell me what software reads ISRC codes from a CD?  I’m trying to verify some of the codes and can’t seem to find anything (including Toast 9 and Jam 6.0.3) that will read the existing codes from a CD.

Thanks for your help!


Hi, Paul. There’s a trick in the terminal for reading ISRC codes on a Mac.
Launch the terminal in applications. You can add it to the dock if you want.
To read isrc codes, type: drutil subchannel
For CD text, in terminal just type: drutil cdtext
This will list out the text on the cd. for other usefull things using the drutil, type: man drutil
This will list out a bunch of other things you can do with your drive.

Let me know if it works for you.

Take care,

Bob, who thanks Michael Fossenkemper on one of my boards for promulgating that information!

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