Digido Fora

Dear fellow Forum Enthusiasts:

I regret to inform you that I have not been able to get a sufficient base of users to justify the expense of maintaining this forum. You all have been extremely enthusiastic, informative and active! I especially want to thank my moderators, who put in their best!

But it seems that the vast majority of Facebook groupies prefer to participate in messy, SHORT, non-threaded discussions. The usual FB group "thread" is not really a thread, it's disorganized and cannot be maintained with more than a few cycles of back and forth before they become useless! So I'm very sorry that I have to close this group. If you want to ask questions or start a discussion, feel free to PM me on Facebook. If I can do it, I'll make a post on my home page, where my 5000 friends and 20,000+ followers will likely make a response! It will get messy within a few cycles, but as I said, that's Facebook :-(. That's the most I can afford to offer, sorry!

I did consider leaving the Forum on the site in a Read-Only configuration but that required time and money to maintain on an ongoing basis.