About Studio B

The Equipment

Studio B serves two purposes: It is our mixing room. It is also the proofing room and preparation room for all masters. Masters are proofed and cleaned here with the Sequoia DAW before Bob begins mastering in Studio A, so Bob can be fully engrossed in your music when he is mastering. Studio B's loudspeakers (the first pair of Genelec 8260's in the United States) give crystal-clear audiophile sound because of their unique 3-way design, and careful calibration through the Genelec GLM Software with our master chef's "special ingredients". This DSP-controlled interface provides a way of ameliorating any problem areas in the room after acoustic treatment has been done, giving a flatter response at the listening position. For mixing we employ Pro Tools HD (version 11 or 12), running on an 8-core MacPro with Mytek Converters. Sample-rate conversion is done through the high-quality program Saracon, by Weiss. Outboard analog and digital gear from Bricasti, Pendulum, Cranesong, API, Millennia, DBX, TC (System 6000 and Powercore), and UAD are used for mixing. Along with plugins from Audioease, PSP, Waves and many others. Monitoring is controlled with a high-resolution TC Electronic BMC-2.

If you want to listen to Mixes made in Studio B, go to "The Mix Doctor!" section!

The Room

Bob Katz Digital Domain audio mastering mixing products

Our well-equipped mixing and proofing room.

Studio B Digital Domain audio mastering mixing products

A close view of one of the analog outboard racks in Studio B.

Studio B Digital Domain audio mastering mixing products

Andrew Diaz - Mix Engineer