The Mix Doctor!

The best-sounding audio masters come from the best-sounding audio mixes. An A-grade mix makes an A+ master. In fact, we usually can raise the quality of any mix by about one or more letter grades. Since not everyone can make an A-quality mix, Digital Domain offers a new service, The Mix Doctor, giving you the mix you have dreamed of:
  • clear vocals
  • well-defined bass and bass drum
  • dimensionality, depth, space
  • punch, impact, danceability
  • and other attributes that make A&R directors and Radio program directors take notice

The best mixing engineers–experts in your style of music–will take your tracks and give them their best shot. All mixes will be personally supervised by master engineer Bob Katz. If you have already begun a mix but you’re having problems with one or more instruments, then we may start with your mix and improve it, or perhaps begin again on another platform or with another approach that better suits your music. For a free evaluation of your material and an estimate on what it will take to bring it to the next level, call or write us today. Quotations are given on an individual project basis. We can remix just one, some or all of the tunes in your album, depending on the needs of the music and your budget.

Obviously, if your tracks are not up to par, or the musical performance doesn’t have an innate drive to begin with, then even the most talented mixer in the world will not be able to make it sing and swing. Regardless, we will be honest in our evaluation and estimate of just how far we can take your material. Depending on how perfect you want your song to sound, we may suggest retracking, or reamping instruments, which we can also do for you. You are welcome to attend the session, or you can send your tracks for us to mix and we will send you a reference.

After the mixing is done, then it’s time to master. Bob Katz will master your tracks to bring them to that final polish!

In Studio Bob Katz Digital Domain

Attention: Project Studios

With the advent of technology, it’s becoming easier and easier to produce a recording “in the box”. Affordable recording and mixing equipment is finally in reach of the average musician, and it no longer takes millions of dollars to produce a hit record. It seems that musicians are going to have to learn to be engineers! And they won’t become engineers or producers overnight, nor will all of them succeed, for the recording’s producer must develop a neutral attitude and not favor his own instrument at the expense of the virtues of the song.

The best songs are produced by good, experienced musical and engineering talent, with proper studio acoustics and a critical listening environment. Does this mean that you, the Project Studio owner cannot make a hit record? Of course not. But it does mean that you have to be aware of your limitations; as you know that good music is not produced in a vacuum, but with the collaboration of many talented individuals. And that’s where Digital Domain’s Mix Doctor enters in. We can take your tracks to the next level with superb mixing, and after that, to the highest quality with the world’s best mastering. Remember that mixing and mastering should always be performed by different specialists working in dedicated environments.

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Listen to the Mix Doctor Demo

Click on the tabs below to play high resolution 320 kbps mp3 files of mixes by our Mix Doctor! If you would like to download high quality 24 bit PCM files of our mixes, visit our downloads page. (Remember to register and log in first).