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Mary Kent Digital Domain audio mastering mixing products
Mary Kent Digital Domain audio mastering mixing products

Vice President

In addition to her artistic expertise, Mary Kent is the author of the book Salsa Talks and an expert and enthusiast on Salsa Music. Mary’s book has won six publishing awards.  You can buy this book in Our Shop or learn more about it at the salsa talks website.

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I love music, dance, beauty, human existence.

I began my photographic journey capturing images of dancers. Then in the late 80s, I started doing P.R. photography for the largest salsa music management firm in the world. Through my photographs, I came in contact with salsa’s superstars. The colorful images and my passion for salsa became the driving force behind my book called Salsa Talks!, published in October 2005.

My photographs have been published in Vista Magazine, New York Latino, Latin Beat, San Francisco Chronicle, El Diario La Prensa, Mas Magazine and other newspapers.

I am a portrait photographer. I specialize in contemporary portraiture.

I love to photograph women… everyday women. I photograph all women, all styles, all sizes, all ages. I have the gift of seeing the beauty within all that stand before my eyes and camera. During your photo shoot, you will feel like a star. You will experience your beauty to its fullest.

Let me be your photographer. I would love to show you what beautiful looks like. I promise: I will take the most beautiful photographs you’ve ever seen of yourself. You deserve it. You’ll be happy you captured that beauty. I challenge you to see what I can do.