Samplitude: Problems with 2496 and the Teac CD-W58 E CD Writers

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From: Ray

My comments are: Hello there, I hope you’re well. Actually, it’s the first time I see your site and, since I’m trying to get into the mastering world, I hope it will help me a lot. So far I have one question, tha really bothers me. I have a problem burning CD’s with Samplitude 2496 v 5.32 . It says that my CD-ROM (TEAC CD-W58 E) doesn’t have a “disc-at-once” function. But it (my CD-ROM) works with EASY CD CREATOR 5 PLATINUM just fine (using the same “disc-at-once” function). So I wonder what might the problem be and whether it’s possible to fix it. The thing is I want to work on some Wave files (change volume, equalizer settings etc.) and therefore I need to burn CD’s with Samplitude, otherwise when I bounce changed tracks back to Wave format and try to burn the CD with the Easy CD Creator, in some of the tracks (the ones which don’t have a pause between them) there’s a click heard. I hope you know what the problem is.
Waiting for your suggestions.
Thank you!

Hello, Ray. Each program has its own CD writing driver. Obviously, Samplitude’s driver doesn’t recognize the Teac’s ability to do disc at once. Short of barraging the company to repair the driver for the Teac, your only bet is to buy another CD writer.


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