Monitor Stands – Metal versus Wood?

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From: James Trammell


I haven’t emailed you in a while. I hope business is as strong as ever. I was at your website again reading about your monitor stands which, at 150 lbs. and anchored to your floor, sound pretty damn stable. Of course I’m nowhere near your level with the monitor stands, but I’m in the market for some new ones and I was hoping you could answer some nagging questions for me. One interesting choice is a pair of aluminum stands I found at They’re attractive, but isn’t it a bad idea to make a monitor stand out of any metal? It seems that a material like wood or melamine or even plastic is better because it would not ring like metal. Am I making a correct assumption, or does it not matter? I should also mention that I fill my stands with sand. If a metal stand is in fact a bad idea, then is it still bad when filled with sand?

Hi, James.

Metal Filled with sand reduces the ringing and makes a good combination of the rigidity of metal with the lack of resonance of wood.
Thanks for your support!
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