Learning frequencies, is there a software for it….?

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Dear Mr. Katz,

My name is Paolo and I am writing from London. First of all, I read your book and I found it very interesting. I took your advice about learning frequencies very seriously and I really want to improve.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a proper ‘partner’ available to assist me in this kind of exercise…. And this is funny because actually as a student at a College of Audio engineering I thought there should have been plenty of them.

By the way, do you know if there are any software out there that could help me with this? I tried to look for them but I had no luck. All that i could find were software for learning notes, intervals and so on. I already own one of those ( Auralia 2.1).

Thanks and kind regards,


Paolo Grisendi

Dear Paolo:

I’m glad to be of help. I suggest you look into Dave Moulton’s excellent ear-training course “Golden Ears”. If you follow it ‘religiously’ you’ll definitely have more golden ears by the end of his course. And you can take it without a partner, but it’s probably more fun to work together.

Take care,


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