LCR (3-channel) Processing in Mastering?

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Hakim Callier wrote:
Hi Bob,
Over the years you’ve been very helpful to me (your book, in forums and answering questions off-line) and there is not a whole heck of a lot I can give back to you. So I wanted to give my thanks.
If you have a moment I have another question for you.
I was curious about 3 channel mastering and if it’s something that you or anyone else does? And by this I simply mean taking a stereio mix and separating it to Left, Right and Center channels and then processing these channels indeendently then summing them back to a stereo signal. Is this done?
I feel like there may be some benefits to doing this… but this is just my own theory. What are your thoughts on LCR three channel processing in Mastering?

Dear Hakim:

Thanks for your nice comments. The fact is that M/S mastering is very similar to this and does the job if you need to concentrate on either the center or the sides. Another thing you can look at is the DRMS plugin, which does “MS on steroids”.

Best wishes,


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