Filters During Tracking?

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Hi Bob,

Do you think it’s better to use HP and LP filters during tracking?  Will that help out the A/D converters get a better representation of the signal?
Dear Sam:

In my opinion, never apply a filter unless you are certain it’s going to produce better sonics. And only with proper monitoring can you determine that. When in doubt leave the filtering out UNTIL you are able to determine with GOOD monitoring if the filtering is needed. And if you follow the logic that filters will “help” out the converters, then why didn’t the manufacturer put them into the converters by default  :-(.  The right place in the chain to use a filter is the last stage that you can without affecting other things. For example, if you can wait until mixdown to apply a filter that might be needed, it gives you more flexibility, especially since your decision cannot be undone.

Best wishes,


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