CD Premasters: Differences between PMCD and CD-R

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From: J Zuckerman

My questions are:
Is there a difference between a PMCD and a CD-R burned with all the specs using pro software like Masterlist or Jam?

At one time, the difference between a PMCD and an orange-book CDR was important, but not anymore. There were once plants equipped with specialized Sonic Solutions workstations, that could only take a PMCD, but at this time, all plants can accept standard format CDRs. However, I do not necessarily recommend Masterlist or Jam as the definitive, be-all programs capable of producing satisfactory masters. Professional mastering engineers prefer to format their masters using dedicated “all-in-one” programs such as Sonic Solutions, SADiE or Sequoia.

Also, does the timing information get automatically burned into the P and Q channels when recording a disc-at-once CD?

Using Jam or Masterlist? The answer is yes!


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