Installing Dynaudio M5P Loudspeakers on Custom Isolators from AV Room

In November 20I6 I installed the new Dynaudio M5P loudspeakers. Provisionally I mounted them on 4x4 wood blocks on top of the cement slab. Then by December my new custom isolators from AV Room service arrived. The improvement was tremendous: Bass response tightened considerably, interfering sounds got dramatically quieter --- there was more "black" between the notes. When I stand between the loudspeaker and the front wall while music is playing the sound has become eerily quiet, while before it was audibly noisy up there.

Here's an objective measurement comparison: This movie compares the waterfall response in the room. Click on the movie to get it looping. In green, the old one, speakers mounted on wood blocks. In blue, the new response, with the AV Room service isolators.

For the technically inclined, here's a detailed description of the measurement procedure and an analysis of the waterfall display. 

I'm convinced: Mount your speakers on calibrated isolators and get an improved, clearer, cleaner response.

Bob Katz   May 18, 2018

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