How to Get in Touch with Bob

I recently received a message request on Facebook messenger from someone who is not in my contacts. It took me 4 days to see the message. Please remember that Facebook Messenger is not an efficient way to keep in touch or keep track of conversations. Email allows me to keep conversations in folders and keep track of projects, etc. so please use email for long form conversations. So how do you email Bob if you’ve never emailed me before? Just go to the contact page.

Our Facebook conversation went like this:

Hi, Bob. Hope all is well. I wanted to ask about albums/singles. And if stem masters are at a different rate. Thanks so much,


Hi, H. Thanks for thinking of me for mastering. Facebook messenger is not a reliable way of making new connections. I just happened to notice a blue dot indicating that someone was trying to reach me. If you need to message me fast, use a service that puts a notification in my iPhone, like FaceTime or WhatsApp or Skype if you already have my particulars.

But please use email for long form communication because on email we can keep conversations in folders. To start an email if you’ve never contacted me before, send me a short note on our contact page  and I’ll reply by email.

The answer to your question is that my rate does not go up for stem mastering —- but frequently what would have taken me up to an hour to master could take 1.5 hrs or, rarely, 2. Depends on whether your mix is right on and I’m using the stems to help get the tone or the impact, or if your mix itself needs help and I’m trying to refine the mix and then master.

The best way to find out the cost is to send me a full mix for a free listen/eval. I’ll tell you my opinion and discuss the sonic Potential of your song or album. I have an anti-spam protection on my email, so please go to the contact page and send me a quick note reminding me we are in touch on Facebook and I’ll reply by email. While you’re on my site, please go to the rates page, where everything you asked about is explained. Once we’re on email we’ll talk about your project and get it all going. I’m looking forward to hearing your creation and bringing it to its full potential. Once again, thanks for thinking of me for mastering.

Best wishes


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