Space : 16 Bits in a 24-bit Space

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From: Francisco Domingo

Hello Mr. Bob!. It’s the second time we are in contact. Now I’ve a doubt about digital audio transfers with different resolution. For Example: If I’m working with a keyboard with “light pipe” digital outputs (Alesis QS-8/16 bits-48Khz), and I want to do a digital recording thru one interface but with a 24 bits resolution. These 8 Bits stay without use I think?. Is this correct?. Can I transfer whithout any problem or in the soft levels could I hear some “stair” levels?. I know that in the opposite way, I mean, 24 to 16 bits, the 8 bits word is truncated. If you can help me about this topic I’ll appreciate it a lot!. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

My regards,
Francisco Domingo.

Hello, Francisco.

You are correct, the top bits get transferred, and the bottom 8 bits become zeros. You will not hear any “stair” levels… it’s just a 16 bit word riding in a 24-bit space.

Hope this helps,


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