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Hi, we’re two guys from Spain who are about to open a new recording studio where we wanna do also mastering jobs. We’ve heard and read lots of good things about merging pyramix DAW, but we’ve seen it almost in post-production studios and mastering studios. In every recording studio there’s a protools station, it’s the standard…And we have a big doubt!!! We realise that pyramix is so superior compared to protools, but we still could not test it and we don’t know if it would be the best choice.

We’d like to know what you think about it, what would you do?? If you have some advises/tips for us we would apreciate a lot!!

Thanks in advance.


Hi, two guys. I’ve not personally tested Pyramix in a long time, but my good friend Bob Ludwig swears by it, so it must be great! I think you can’t go wrong mastering with any of the following:
Pyramix, Sadie, Sequoia, SoundBlade, Wavelab
I’m fond of the crossfade abilities in the first four. I’m very fond of the object-based processing in the third. All of them have the ability to produce first-rate sound with a knowledgeable driver on board.

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