Bob Katz

Gian Giamo writes:

“Hi Bob. I have some questions about m/s eq.Gian sent Yesterday at 5:53 PMI’m doing this experimentGian sent Yesterday at 5:53 PMI have a stereo track with some instrument hard paned right and nothing on the left.Gian sent Yesterday at 5:53 PMWhen I’m eq in m/s if I put a lo-pass in the side I’m getting a strange thing to me, the instrument starts to be panned to the opposite side.Gian sent Yesterday at 5:53 PMSo I make another test.. I put 2 instruments hard panned, one left and the other right. If I eq the side channel I have the same result — they start to move to the other side so they are not hard panned anymore. Gian sent Yesterday at 5:53 PM Did you know the reason this happens?”

Hi Gian

Simple: “M” is middle. “S” is side. With S muted, every thing goes to the middle. So the less S, the narrower the sound and the more it goes to the middle. If you filter out some frequencies in the S channel, the sound gets narrower in that frequency range and moves towards the middle.

Hope this helps