Midi and Microphones

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From: Red
My comments are: I love this site. I have a question.. How can I midi a microphone so I can use a harmonica to record other sounds such as…strings, hammond organ etc.

Thank you, Red, glad you like it. The way that you “midi” a microphone is to use a pitch detector. With a harmonica this can be especially difficult since the instrument has many harmonics and the pitch detector has difficulty separating fundamental from harmonics. I suggest you visit the site:


I’m sure they have a pitch to midi converter in there somewhere, and you can always call them to ask if they have something for your needs. They only sell kits, so if you can’t build it, you’ll have to find a technician who does. Now, there is likely something out there that does it, so if you go to your local music store and ask for a “pitch to midi converter”, they’ll probably be able to help.

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