Microphones and 2496 Recordings

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From: Sun Whang
My comments are:
Hello Bob! I spent all weekend reading your articles, they’re great! But I’m an amateur engineer and lots of questions came to my mind.
You favor the new 24/96khz a lot and you mentioned on the “Liftoff!” article that you’re recording at 24/96khz. Now, the mics you used aren’t capable recording more than 20hkz. So, can you explain your position on that?
Hello, Sun. Thanks for your comments.

Actually, the B&K Mikes are quite linear beyond 20K, but that’s not what’s important to your question. I have written an article that appeared in Audiomedia magazine which explained an experiment I performed… Basically, the superiority of 96 kHz sampling is in all probability not due to its extended bandwidth, but rather to all the other improvements which can be measured in the 20-20 kHz band, such as improved linearity of frequency response with no ripple in the passband, less phase shift at the frequency extremes, and other irregularities which can be caused by inferior 20 kHz filters required for use at lower sampling rates.

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