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Koen Heldens wrote:

Hi Bob,

It has been a while since we last communicated. Hope you are doing well!

Recently I’ve been experimenting with M/S techniques during mixdown, not for correction work but as an effect (especially in the Brainworx Control plugin; it offers some more control over what you want to do M/S wise). For example, I have my delays, reverbs, and additional effects running in to my M/S (Brainworx) plugin and thus I’m using it as an effect. Will this cause problems for you as the mastering engineer if the stereo field has become to wide?

Please advise,
Koen Heldens

Dear Koen:

I’m doing fine. Good question!

You should primarily be concerned about the mono compatibility. If it sounds good in mono it’s probably good. Look for elements that are being lost in mono that are unacceptable. Other than the fact that too much S channel can sound phasey and strange, I have no objection to your practice!

Bets wishes,
Bob Katz

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