K-System Meter Levels

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Hi Bob,

l have emailed you in the past and appreciate your thoughts. Got your book. I’m not technically inclined as such, but I enjoyed reading it and l seem to learn something from It each time l pick the book up to have a read.

This may sound like a silly question. But l’ll ask anyway. When lm mixing I have my meters set for k-20 rms (RNDigital). Now, should the levels be hitting max of 0db (nothing above) or is it ok to hit the orange and red zone for say explosion / impact parts? But it shouldn’t be hitting that all the time. Is that the correct way of using this?
Hope I’m making sense?



Dear Chris:

With a K-20, you have plenty of headroom, especially if you are not using any buss processors. In addition, part of the design is that 0 dB is considered to be “forte” and up to +4 dB is considered to be “fortissimo”, so your fortissimos (including VERY big climaxes and explosions) can go into the red. Above +4 and you are probably not listening loud enough 🙂

Best wishes,


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