Compression and the DVD

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From: Kyle Song

Subject: Re: The real advantages of limiting and compression?

Kyle quoted me…

“TRUE TRUE! No matter how long you’ve been doing it – this is true. Each signal hits the gear differently, and the only way to know if it’s better is to match the volume and listen. Experience can make your instincts right a higher percentage of the time, but using your ears is the only way to know for sure.

Of course an electric bass through an 1176 (or some other well defined cliche) is a no brainer, and will always (usually) work, but you still have to listen.”

Unless the limiter was “part of the sound” too. If its only there for volume -then I might agree with you in many cases, but if the purpose was musical, it oughtta stay. I suspect you’ll agree given your other comment.

Nice post – thanks.


No disagreement, whatsoever.

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