CDR Write Speed – What will give the best quality?

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From: tal trivish

My comments are:

i would like to know what is the best speed to write a cd – audio and data.
also i wanted to ask you, what is the cdr known for the best results.
i am very happy with your web site (it’s very “hot” here in israel)

tall trivish,

Thanks for your comments. I used to be able to say that the best speed to write a CDR for audio is probably 1X. But there are no current writers that can write at 1X, so the issue is academic. I generally these days choose around 16X as it’s not too fast and practical. I get very low error rate with my Taiyo Yuden blanks using this speed with the Plextor writers I’ve got. Though Plextor no longer manufactures their own writers even if the brand name says so.

The situation is in flux. Check for errors. If you’re really into this “jitter” thing, concentrate on getting a great jitter-immune DAC and stop worrying about writing speed, because it’s no longer anything you can really control objectively.

For data writing, pick a speed that is at the center of the BLER curve, neither too high nor too low, for the lowest errors. For the vast majority of writers and media, that is approaching 16X at this date. It started at 1X and slowly went up as writers and blanks became optimized for higher speeds.

Hope this helps,


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