Bass Problems

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Deltaforce wrote:

hello, Bob. What I was taught in mastering, try to aim for a rolloff at 25 Hz or so and a rolloff at roughly 18 Khz. That will make your track sound louder and more bearable for the human ear.

It’s correct ?????? cut 25hz and 18000khz ?? eq in the master channel ?

thanks bob ! regards from spain.

Dear Deltaforce:

This is NOT a guarantee. You always have to listen carefully and compare. This recommendation probably came about with people trying to make a “louder” master as many times extreme low frequencies take up extra power without being a help to the sound. Or from older practices for LP masters, which are not relevant to CDs and DVDs. But many times, especially with powerful and deep bass drums and low bass notes, keeping the low bass range HELPS. Always listen and compare both ways to make sure. Never low cut without being sure it is a help.

Best wishes,

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