ADC and 32 bit float files

James Hardiman

Roberto Estrella wrote:

 I have a doubt.

I have an interface with a 24bit A/D convert
Currently, some DAWs can work at 32 bit float, 32 bit fixed or 64 bit float.

If I use a 24bit A/D convert, Is there a benefit or detrimental effect when I record at 32 bit float or higher ?

Hi, Roberto. My two books should help you answer that question in more detail. I’m adding your question and my answer to our FAQ. 

There is no advantage to recording 32 bit float directly from your ADC. It just takes up more file space. But there is an advantage later on to calculating and storing or using the 32 bit float capability of your DAW when you equalize or otherwise process. In other words, even if you originally captured to a 24 bit file, the next stage calculation will grow to a longer wordlength. You can use the 24 bit original file for later calculations without any problems. 

Hope this helps,