Digido Private Messaging

Welcome to Digido Private Messaging

Digido Private Messaging provides a secure method for Digido Members to communicate with each other. You can contact an Admin if you have a concern or just chat with someone on the system.

There are several settings that you can enable/disable when you are using the Private Messaging System.  For instance, you will receive an email each time you receive a message from someone on the system.  You can disable that service if you like.

Private Messaging and the Forum

Private Messaging has been integrated into the Digido.com.  If you wish to message (PM) someone on the forum, make a note of their name and then open the PM Page and create a message.  You can access the PM system by selecting it in the the menu (found under Forum) or by clicking the button found in the Sidebar.

You Must Be Logged In

You must be logged in to use Digido Private Messaging.  If you see a bar below that says "You must login to view your message", you can login right here: