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The Digido Fora is a forum for all audio professionals and students. Producers, Musicians, Recording Engineers, Mastering Engineers, Audio Educators, the whole ball of wax. 

This is a structured platform designed to nurture ideas and sustain them. By contrast, Social Media is designed for socialization, but it’s not able to sustain a logical conversation. Here at The Digido Fora we encourage healthy discussion. Here you can express your opinion --- create and participate in conversations that are moderated, focused, threaded, sequenced and curated! Everyone comes from different backgrounds, different points of view, and has different ears! All will be respected and supported here. We will also do everything within our power to provide accurate, factual information in the diverse fields of professional audio.

If your life revolves around professional audio, join the conversation here. Talk with fellow audio engineers, producers, creators, musicians and other audio professionals. Our focus is primarily music production but we will expand into post-production, restoration and/or film audio if there is interest. 

We are all here to learn and to teach. Join the crowd.

Our current forums are centered around music production. Except for The Water Cooler where anything goes except Politics, Religion or Ad hominem remarks. At The Water Cooler topics will drift and drifting is part of the fun. Have fun, but stay cool! The Water Cooler will not be seriously supervised, so if you find a post that’s offensive or does not meet the simple rules, please report that to a moderator (see below). Use the Water Cooler if you have questions on how to use the Forums or PM a moderator if you need help. 

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Your Fora moderators (admins) are Rich Steve Beck, Bob Katz, Mary Mazurek, Bob Olhsson and Ryan Sutton. Moderating the Immersive Audio Forum is Robin Reumers. Feel free to use our PM system to send your private thoughts or comments to any moderator. 

We’d love to add other expertise in Pro Audio fields so please PM a moderator to  join our group and add your expertise. We will only create a new forum if there is an expert available willing to moderate the dialogue and help your fellow audio pros. That is our promise. We’d be glad to have you. 

Diversity and Inclusion

Our goal is to support you, no matter where you come from, or who you hang around with. Digido Fora is a safe home that you can come to.


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