Bob Talks!


From Beijing to Buenos Aires....

March 2014, Bob with Criss Allen from Prism Sound and multiple grammy award winning producer Dwanye "Supa Dups" Chin-Quee at Prism Seminar. UM, Miami

March 2014, Bob and grammy award winning Edward J "UK" Nixon BSc at Prism Seminar. Full Sail, Orlando.

May 2013, Bob At SAE InstituteParis.

May 2013 Bob At SAE Cologne, Germany.

May 2013 Bob At SAE Institute Brussels, Belgium.

April 2013, Las Vegas NAB 2013. Sponsored by TC Electronic, Bob spoke about the relationship between music recordings and how they are currently reproduced on radio and tv both in Europe and the U.S.

November 2012, Seminar in Singapore sponsored by Team 108 and TC Electronic. Bob demonstrated mastering techniques.

October 2012, San Francisco AES 2012. Bob spoke at several workshops, including a loudness seminar and a workshop on Mastered for iTunes.

September 2012, Bob at SAE School, Athens, Greece. Bob gave an all-day seminar and demonstration of mastering audio techniques and equipment. 

September 2012, Galicia Island of San Simon Seminar. Sponsored by Mare Productions, professional engineers came from all over Spain and as far as Brazil to hear Bob give a two day seminar of Mastering Audio demonstrations and principles. 

June 2011, Rome Calling. A two-day seminar on Loudness presented by TC Electronic with participating engineers from all over Europe and the U.S.

June 2011, Bob Till You Drop. A one-day seminar to European attendees on "all things mastering".

May 2010, European tour for SAE Institute. Bob gave demonstrations of mastering techniques and spoke about audio mastering to students and professionals at SAE in: Amsterdam, Brussels, London, and Oxford. We treated the rooms for high-quality sound reproduction to help get the points across, and we used high-quality monitors: Genelec 1037 or PMC IB1S.

May 2009, Bob gave a seminar on the loudness war to engineers of TC Electronic, and took a tour of one of the finest-sounding concert halls in the world, the Danish Radio Concert Hall.

May 2009, Bob gave a 3-day seminar on audio mastering to students of the Sibelius Music institute in Helsinki. We set up and aligned Genelec 1037 monitors for the demonstration.

April 2008, Bob demonstrated the sound of music before and after mastering at the Webster University Student Summit in St. Louis. We treated the room and used Meyer monitors with excellent headroom to demonstrate the quality of transient response and the effects of dynamics processing on stereo imaging and depth.

August 2007, Bob traveled to Argentina for a seminar at the first Latin-American AES conference on Surround Sound. He gave the Keynote Speech and made several presentations showing music before and after mastering using Meyer loudspeakers set up by Tom Holman. Other guests at the conference included George Massenburg, Tomlinson Holman (developer of the THX System, giving the very first demo on Surround 10.2 in Latin America), Kimio Hamasaki (Senior researcher at the NHK Broadcasting in Tokyo, demonstrating surround with height speakers), Wieslaw Woszczyk (then President of the AES worldwide), Martha de Francisco (Surround expert from McGill University, Montreal, conducting a workshop on surround recording), John Pellowe (5.1 expert from Meyer Sound), Wolfgang Fraissinet (Sennheiser/Neumann, Germany), and others.

April 2007, Bob traveled to the other side of the world, to Beijing, China, sponsored by TC Electronic. He gave seminars on the use of parallel compression, limiting, equalization and other mastering techniques. We treated the room with help from our friends at TC Electronic China and used Dynaudio Air 25 Speakers for the best audio reproduction possible.

February 2007, Bob traveled to historic and beautiful Savannah, Georgia, to give a seminar called The Good, The Bad and the Ugly to a packed audience of 50 Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) audio students. Arranged by Bob's excellent assistant, Brandon Shope, a graduate of SCAD, and with sound design by acoustical consultant Mike Chafee, the students learned about monitor calibration, and the relationship of recording dynamics to monitor control position.

November 2005, Bob was a Keynote Speaker and gave a well-received full day's seminar to the Leeds International Music Technology Education Conference (LIMTEC). (No photos exist). With the help of the excellent crew at the music school, we set up excellent Meyer loudspeakers and a subwoofer and played examples of the dynamics and stereo imaging of all types of mastering and music styles to the assembled audience of several hundred. Bob also participated in a workshop critique of student work.

April 2005, Bob gave a seminar in Paris, France about the "Loudness War" within the music industry. TC Electronic sponsored and also invited George Massenburg and several noted acousticians. We treated our rooms for the best possible sound and used the excellent Dynaudio Air 25 speakers as our reference monitors.

March 2004, Bob gave a seminar to members of ASPR Audio in Montreal on using the K-System for monitor levels, and other audio topics including jitter and dither.

March 29, 2004, Bob spoke to music students at Indiana University in Bloomington. The seminar was in two parts, since these are classical music students, Bob did a presentation on audiophile recording and minimalist miking techniques, playing some of his Chesky jazz recordings. In the second half, Bob did mix critiques for students of course director Konrad Strauss.

2004, Bob gave a full-day talk/demonstration to the AES chapter at Full Sail on the loudness war. We set up Tannoy loudspeakers and Genelec subwoofers and rocked the film mix room with a full house of about 100 students and professionals.

June 2001, Bob gave a seminar in Montreal, Canada to a group from ASPR Audio about jitter, dither, and other technical topics.

Fall 1999, Bob gave a workshop on the 60th anniversary of the VU meter at the AES Convention in New York which was very well received. He played musical demonstrations and showed why the loudness race accelerated when the VU meter gave way to the digital peak meter. We hope to post some photos.

Date TBD, Bob gave a seminar in Chicago to the EARS group. Among the topics discussed was Jitter and jitter measurements.