Pure Music

Pure Music Server for Mac, works with and improves the sound performance of Itunes
Sales price: $129.00

High Resolution Music Server Software for Apple Macintosh Computers

2010 Stereophile Computer Audio Product of the Year Runner-up (after Channel D Pure Vinyl™)

Simply and automatically docks with iTunes

    • Based on Channel D's acclaimed Pure Vinyl audio playback engine
    • Pure Music handles all music playback
    • iTunes acts as database, playlist organizer, etc. but doesn't play the music
    • Automatically docks with iTunes window
    • Supports Apple Remote App for iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch
    • Automatic sample rate switching
    • Gapless track playback and Memory Play
    • Adjustable Dithered Volume Control
    • Supports CoreAudio Compatible Sound Cards / DACs / Audio Interfaces.
    • Supports all iTunes Compatible Audio File Formats
    • Plays tracks from networked volumes
    • Optional REAL-TIME 64-bit upsampling
    • CoreAudio Device HOG Mode support
    • Internal Audio Device Selection and Setup (or use Apple Audio MIDI Setup)
    • Up to 384 kHz sample rate
    • Supports AudioUnit Audio processing plug-ins (parametric EQs, etc.)
    • Uncompressed audio streaming support (up to 192 kHz and up to four separate connections)
    • 64-bit Adjustable 2/3/4-way Crossover with time alignment and minimum phase filters
    • Our own proven, optimized algorithms - not built from a patchwork of "open source" software

Some new features coming soon (Q4 2010) (FREE update) include:

  • Built-in multi-band parametric EQ
  • Native FLAC support
  • Native device integer support
  • Internet Radio (iTunes streams)
  • Pure Vinyl's High Quality File Sample Rate Converter (upsample from CD format to files, or also downsample high-resolution audio to 96, 88.2 or 44.1 kHz / 16, 24, or 32 bit files)

"When playing 16/44 sources, Pure Music sounds as good to me as the best CD transport anyone can dig up - as long as I'm using a high-quality jitter-immune D/A converter. But I can play my 88.2 kHz, 96 kHz and 192 kHz/24 bit masters and then Pure Music beats any CD source. I love being able to play a collection of my masters using the friendly Itunes interface, but with Pure Music bypassing any sound processing that iTunes performs. Throw in a calibrated, dithered volume control marked in decibels, and I'm in heaven. Mechanically, the Mac Mini is quieter than some CD players!"
- Bob Katz, Mastering Engineer, Digital Domain, Orlando, FL; Formerly Recording Engineer and Technical Director of audiophile label Chesky Records