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Creativity in Sound and Image. At Digital Domain, we help musicians, independent artists and record labels take your albums to the sound and look of your dreams. Click on our Services menu or click on the above images to take a virtual visit, or call +1 407 831 0233 or write for more information. Our mastering engineer is Bob Katz, mastering engineer and mix producer with over 40 years of experience; Our photographer and graphic artist is Mary Kent, whose creative designs are uniquely flavored for your personality and impact.

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Join us at our Forum, for discussions about topics covered in the new book, iTunes Music and many other topics related to audio mastering and music production.

'Mastering Audio' by Bob Katz

The Perfect Gift for your Audio Engineer

Mastering Audio - The Art and the Science THIRD EDITION.

This new edition is not just a book, it's an experience!

In Stock Now! Completely rewritten, new layout and evocative photo-illustrations by Mary Kent. It's now in full color. This is the must-read book for the audio professional. Mastering Audio is for everyone who wants to increase their mastery of digital and analog audio: musicians, producers, A&R, mastering, recording and mixing engineers. Order Now!
Suitable for all levels of students and professionals.
Master audio… become a master of audio. Support can be found in our forum.
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Read what Electronic Musician magazine says is "Poised to become the authoritative text on audio mastering."
Mastering Audio has received the Benjamin Franklin 2003 Silver Seal Award! This award is given for excellence in editorial and book design.

Every copy includes a foldout poster of the beautiful and historic Frequency Range Chart from Carnegie Hall!
A Focal Press book, $39.99. Order direct from Digital Domain

'Salsa Talks' by Mary Kent

Our Latin Musical Heritage, as told by the Artists Themselves

Salsa Talks

A book on Salsa Music, by Digital Domain's own Mary Kent. Order Now! Learn more about Salsa at!

Check out our newly-organized AudioFAQ, where you can find the answers to many puzzling questions related to digital and analog audio. Thanks to Robin Reumers for organizing and categorizing hundreds of questions and answers. And there's more to come from the DD questions and answers archive. Also check out Bob Katz's K-Stereo Processor and our YouTube page--or just hang around and learn more about audio, mastering, mixing, and more!

'iTunes Music' by Bob Katz

Just Arrived!

iTunes Music - Mastering High Resolution Audio Delivery

iTunes Music is a 144-page 6" x 9" (15 x 23 cm) Pocket Guide with comprehensive glossary and index. Order Now! This book covers the making of high-resolution music for sale on iTunes. It is for musicians, producers, recording and mix engineers, mastering engineers and computer enthusiasts — anyone who is interested in producing the best-sounding masters for delivery to iTunes. The inspiration of iTunes Music is Apple Computer’s introduction of its Mastered for iTunes initiative, which for the first time allows program producers to send high resolution master files for encoding. By carefully following the guidelines presented in this book, you can produce far-better-sounding iTunes masters than ever before. These same masters also yield superior Compact Discs and streaming audio. Visit this Gateway page for iTunes Music and support, book errata, etc.



Bob Katz is also an accomplished photographer. Be our guest and visit our photography site.
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