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    • February 1, 2023 at 10:18 am #4527
      Bob Katz

        Here’s a letter I recently sent to a client who wanted a soundtrack for his YouTube Video AND a version for digital download (e.g. Spotify, Apple music, etc.)

        The louder I tried to make the master, the more the sibilance problems started to show up.

        Initially I felt your excellent mix had “tolerable” sibilance. Then as I started to push it to -14 LUFS to be competitive for YouTube, the more that the sibilance reared its ugly head. So I compensated for the extra sibilance to make a warmer presentation. It’s I think on the par for You Tube and I think it will be fine compared to the rest of the stuff up on YT and especially with the lossy compression that YT uses. Did I mention to you to export a video with a LINEAR PCM soundtrack for sending to YT? That will help produce the best soundtrack when reproduced on YT, avoiding an extra generation of lossy coding.

        But if you want to be a perfectionist like me and accept a slightly lower level, then start by listening to the 2496 Apple digital master. If you like it and agree with me it sounds warmer and nicer, let me know and I’ll SRC and dither it to 2448 for YT. It will be 2 dB lower than many of the videos on YT but I think will sound nicer and warmer than the YT master that I have currently made for you.

        The 2496 Apple Digital master is for all streaming platforms! Use an aggregator that can accept a single high res master for all the streaming services. One of the aggregators that you mentioned insists on getting a 1644 master for the streaming services. Take a look at [name of aggregators]. They will take the 2496 Apple Digital master and distribute it intact to Spotify, Apple, and every other platform. Spotify, for example, will take the 2496 ADM and downsample it to 44.1 for their current lossy platform, so again a single master approach is fine for all platforms and the distributors I mentioned, know what to do with a single master format.

        Check it out and let me know your reactions.



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