Andres Mayo talk on mixing in binaural

    • March 29, 2023 at 5:01 pm #5610
      Bob Katz

        What is binaural audio and what can it be used for?
        It is one of the most popular forms of immersive audio, consisting of an apparently traditional stereo mix (because it has two channels, L and R) but the content has been spatialised in 360 degrees via phase manipulation software. It works very well in headphones because each ear receives different information and therefore our brain can build a perfectly believable 3D sound image, much in the same way that 3D lenses work in the movie theatre.
        The big advantage of binaural audio is that it can be easily transported without losing its properties. It can be uploaded to any streaming platform (Spotify will take it, for example) and it can be transferred via WhatsApp or any other social network because the file can handle data compression very well up to a reasonable 320 Kbps AAC or MP3 without losing the spatial feeling.
        On Saturday, May 27th, from noon through 4 pm, Martin Muscatello and I will give a hands-on seminar on binaural mixing, showing lots of real examples and explaining in detail how we produced them. We will start a mixing session from scratch so you can see the entire process. The seminar will be in English and 100% online, so you can attend from anywhere.
        To get more information and costs, please write an email to Julia (our studio coordinator): [email protected]

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