A hearty welcome to Andy, Ralph and Norman

    • March 1, 2023 at 12:55 pm #5063
      Bob Katz

        We are proud to introduce three of the best talents in the industry. Please let’s give a Let’s have a A big drumroll welcome for new Forum moderators Ralph Kessler, Norman Varney, and Andy Wehmeyer. All three are avid music lovers, audiophiles, and audio engineers, each with several areas of expertise.

        The three of them bring years of expertise in many valuable areas to our forums:

        Ralph Kessler has designed and implemented several powerful audio plugins. He designed the Quantec Room Simulator, is a world’s expert on many audio subjects as well as a great recording, mixing and mastering engineer! Ralph will be hanging out wherever his help may be needed, supplementing the expertise of others in our forums.

        Norman Varney is currently the principal consultant for A/V Room Service. He is an expert on vibration and noise control, use of anechoic chambers, reverberation chambers and acoustic labs.

        Andy Wehmeyer is the principle of Audiofrog, a world-reknowned expert on car audio, system design and analysis. That just touches the surface of Andy’s expertise!

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