Reply To: “unbalancing” balanced equipment

September 19, 2023 at 3:56 pm #5947

    Thanks Bob for the speedy reply.

    Yea I read about the bootstrapping in the manual and sort of read it as you’ve described it.

    Weird that using the ts to ts cable to xlr adaptors into the amphion amp created such a difference though, although I have read that the navies ams1000 module is a bit picky/choosy on how it’s interfaced, so maybe the ts to xlr adaptor is doing something maybe the wiring of the ts-xlr adaptor is causing a loss of 6dB and the Amphion “prefers” it?

    I did notice that if I ran the output from protools into the prism lower, so peaking at around -14 and then increasing the volume of the Lyra via digital vol trim it sounded much better too and the amphions when pushed for a bit of fun volume would actually have cone movement, compared to having protools level higher into the prism and lower on the digital trim of the prism into the amphion, which would exhibit no cone movement and would also seem a lot louder even at lower volumes.

    The same with the avocet too, keeping protools higher -3dBFS peak into Lyra, bypass vol control into avocet and low level from Avocet into Amphion seemed much more congested and just louder than protools quieter, I thought this might be some weird internal core audio headroom thing for a minute as it was doing it wether I used prism Digital outputs into avocet or analogue outputs into avocet.

    I sound like a loon and it’s got me stumped.