July 13, 2023 at 1:06 pm #5895
Bob Katz

    Hi, Phil. All those “remixing” plugins have a dark side: If you ISOLATE any  of the derived elements, it will sound like space monkeys, like a poor lossy codec (e.g. mp3). The reason is NONE of the algorithms are perfect. I don’t think they can ever be made perfect. So, how and why would you use one of these artificial “stem” generators? Maybe if you want to raise or lower the vocal 1/4 dB you can get away with the artifacts. It depends on how much of the vocal is recovered just into the so-called “vocal” stem and how much of its leakage or other elements are found in the so-called “reverb” and so-called “everything else”. The more you try to equalize, compress, process or otherwise alter any of the derived stems, the more you will start to lose depth, dimension and space. I’m speaking from sad experience as well as the theory.