Reply To: Everything Resonates

July 12, 2023 at 11:34 am #5891
Phil Koenig

    I would suspect that the issue increases inversely to frequency; bass would be more likely to resonate room items and furnishings.  The wavelengths of the audio, plus the relative power at different frequencies is the basis of my guess.


    Larger objects (with a correspondingly longer wavelength of resonance) intercept more of the audio, and the (roughly pink noise-like) power distribution in most audio, where bass rise 3 dB/octave as frequency decreases, would indicate to me that bass would be most problematic.


    On the other hand, the actual dimensions of bass wavelengths probably might move most problem frequencies into the lower mid-range/upper bass region (rough numbers:

    500 Hz – 2 feet

    250 Hz – 4 feet

    100 Hz – 10 feet

    50 Hz – 20 feet


    There probably aren’t a lot of 10 to 20 foot objects in a typical mixing/mastering room…

    This is just a bit of a mental scratchpad reaction.  It is quite possible that 1/2 wavelengths are more likely to be the dimension of interest…