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April 19, 2023 at 4:01 pm #5790

Bamboozlement in progress.

I do not dispute that because I dunno shit about any specifics.  I have never seen an ADC or DAC that was not inherently fixed point.  All’s I’m saying is that I can conceive of a couple of ways it might be done and not be simply a gimmick.  For it to not be a gimmick, it means that, to within 6 dB, the signal-to-quantization-noise ratio needs to remain roughly constant over a wide range of input amplitudes.  I.e., dB S/N should not be a quantity traded with dB headroom, for a true floating-point ADC or DAC.

If the S/N increases as you trade away headroom, it’s essentially what a fixed-point ADC/DAC will give you, whatever format the numbers going in or out have.