Reply To: Seeking Advice and Opinions on Mastering EQs

April 10, 2023 at 8:57 pm #5759
Gregory Pastic

    Hi, Greg.
    Thanks for your kind words. Please tell me more about your application: what kind of music? Are you looking for total transparency, or a bit of warmth or cold box tone?I don’t have a “value for the money” EQ for you….
    1- If you want transparency, Elysia makes a very very transparent, equalizer, the Museq, and that’s what I’d recommend if you want transparency.
    2) If you want real musicality, and subtle warmth — if the Maselec MEA-2 is still available I’d get it hands down. You may have to supplement it with some in the box digital because the MEA-2 is only 4 bands so it doesn’t have a high pass or low pass. But its bell shape is unique and EXTREMELY musical. No other bell sounds as musical to my ears as that of the MEA-2. And the HF shelf is to die for, at 28 kHz. Subtle and perfect, no peakiness to that one.
    3) If you like the tiniest bit of edge without sounding harsh, just a bit more forward and extreme versatility, then I highly recommend the Bettermaker Mastering EQ.
    I have the Maselec, I have the Bettermaker and I have the Elysia’s little brother. I wouldn’t part with any of the three and I use each of them for their individual strengths.
    Feel free to post this and my reply in the recording forum somewhere. You’ll get some more replies!