Reply To: Fun With Stereo Pairs!

April 10, 2023 at 3:13 pm #5749
Gregory Pastic

    I’ve used Blumlein fig 8s with small ensembles successfully, and have only needed to use a pair of omni outriggers to capture some additional ambience a few times.  I’ve also used Tony Faulkner’s setup which uses a pair of Fig 8’s spaced 20cm apart parallel to each other.  I hung out at a couple of his recording sessions in London, England, and observed him using that setup for a large choir and a chamber orchestra.  The recordings turned out very nicely.  I’ve tried (unsuccessfully) using EBS and a slightly modified ORTF setup, but ended up using a Jecklin disc with two omnis in one case, and the Faulker setup in the others, both of which yielded more satisfying results.  Has anyone else used Faulkner’s setup?  If so, were you happy with it?  And, under what conditions did you use it?