Reply To: Basic principles in electrical system design for studios

April 6, 2023 at 8:55 am #5710


    Excellent, thanks for the great reply!

    Yeah I’m guessing they recommended stranded simply because they wanted to twist them into a pair. From what I can tell, twisting the hot and neutral together will help prevent inducing any current into the ground wire as well, which seems to be what Whitlock and Muncy are suggesting is the main source of noise. But romex accomplishes that same thing by simply placing the ground in the null area between the two. Might not be quite as perfect cancelation, but I suspect I would be hard pressed to note the difference.

    I’m curious, if conduit is a great way to shield from outside EMI/RFI, given that I’m going to be running the main line near an existing mess of romex, do you think it might be worth the expense to run conduit from the main panel to the sub-panel, just to try to eliminate any outside sources of EMI/RFI?

    Also, regarding the subpanel, one of the main reasons I wanted to do that was because it’ll use up a little less space in my main breaker box, which is almost full, and will easily allow future expansion. Like you said, 60 amps of service is more than enough for the entirety of my studio.

    Thanks again for the replies, I appreciate it!