Reply To: Studio Calibration

April 3, 2023 at 12:01 pm #5684
Bob Katz

    My Qobuz “best sound” playlist includes about 10 of the references I use.

    Here it is: Well, I had to put quotation marks around it or somehow the forum changes the link name”

    Even though only about 10 of my references are include din this Qobuz playlist, I think every one of the recordings in the Qobuz playlist is reference quality. Pity that Qobuz does not have the “Anniversary Edition” of Ray Charles “Genius Loves Company” or I would have included that in the playlist. You can purchase the anniversary edition I believe at 96k or above from HD tracks. The first cut “Here I Go Again” is a masterpiece of recording by Al Schmidt. I don’t know who mastered it, but it is impeccably mastered.