Reply To: What distinguishes a “Mastering” loudspeaker from a “Mixing” one

April 1, 2023 at 12:06 pm #5656
Bob Katz

    Dear Santiago: I’m glad you’ve been successful with headphones. Are you using any kind of crossfeed correction? Otherwise you’ll be hearing a much-too-wide image in your phones. When my mastering speakers went down for about 4 days I had my incredible Audeze CRBN’s take over with a Weiss crossfeed circuit. I have developed an EQ for the CRBNs that emulates the tonality and performance of the speakers, and I nailed the few masters that I had to produce with the CRBNs and the Weiss crossfeed compensation. I still wouldn’t advise headphones for mastering, but the experience taught me that in an emergency I could adapt and get dependable results.