Reply To: Studio Calibration

April 1, 2023 at 9:26 am #5653
Bob Olhsson

    I still have my Minimus 7s although I haven’t used them in a decade. They were popular in UK studios and I thought they worked better than my Auratones or NS-10s.

    The KLH-6s were popular in New York but I never used them in Detroit or the west coast. Old control rooms from the ’50s didn’t have enough room to spread the big monitors out so bookshelf speakers on the  console became the norm to monitor stereo. KLH-6s were the biggest selling bookshelf speakers until the JBL L-100s replaced them in sales figures and on consoles.

    I’ve only used Sonarworks on headphones. It was better than nothing on my Sennheisers but disappointing with my Audeze.