Reply To: Recommendations on Loudspeakers for Mastering, Mixing, Reference and Tracking

March 30, 2023 at 10:36 pm #5634
Tom Powers

    So in a side question that goes along with this discussion….

    REW is a great measurement tool, but what is the consensus on the software room correction software such as Sonarworks, Accurate or Audiolense? Personally I’ve tried and use the Sonarworks to dial in the small adjustments the room needed after treatment. I’ve found that if there’s a -6db or greater dip in the graph , that Sonarworks cant really deal with that…which for obvious reasons of that being a wicked cancelation and should be addressed in the room. But, if you vary +/- 3dB…then SW does pretty well in adjusting the rest of the way.

    So given that one has treated the room against the measurements taken, to get as flat as possible, and then using the software to get the “rest of the way”… what pitfalls are there in such an approach?  And to build upon that…what advantages, if any,  do the hardware correctors like the Trinnov bring to the table?

    All insight is appreciated.