Reply To: Studio Calibration

March 29, 2023 at 5:00 am #5601
Steve Hicks

    Thanks for the invaluble input bob, makes alot of sense that a smaller room would require more bass in a flat room. also love the mention of subjective judgement, hence why mastering engineers seem to be visiting eachothers studios. i am a predominantly a producer who went from writing bad mix downs as a result of my perception of sound tied in with not being able to accurately judge the acoustics in my room. the quality of my mixdowns has drastically increased with the applied understanding of compression and sidechaining as well as low and high frequency shelving and cutting. I now find myself obsessed with everything mastering.. recently picked up the adam audio sp5’s and once again have made another jump at the possibilities of sound perception. so now im motivated more than ever to start installing plasterboard in this room as a solid framework for future acoustic treatment.