Reply To: Lossless streaming?

March 25, 2023 at 9:56 am #5576
Bob Katz

    I can’t seem to find my post that JJ disagrees with and I think I looked through the whole thread. Maybe it was in another thread where we discussed noise-shaped dither.

    Anyway, I think he disagreed with only part of my post — regarding source noise and lossy coding. I do recall I mentioned that I don’t think a lossy codec will have a problem being fed from a noise-shaped dithered source. Then JJ mentioned that a lossy codec will, if anything, bring up a source noise floor.

    So let me ask: JJ, in your opinion, do you think that a 16-bit noise shaped source could suffer in some way when lossy coded? We wouldn’t suddenly hear or notice the HF noise of the dithering? It couldn’t be that bad 🙁