Reply To: Noise shaped dither – Does it cause issues with DSP-based volume controls?

March 24, 2023 at 4:04 pm #5565
Bob Katz

    Dear RBJ: What Alex’s research showed and what the Powerpoint that I’m producing illustrates is that ultra high noise shaping, with considerable high frequency noise in the source material, self-dithers the next quantization. Even if the next quantization truncates to 16 bits! Resolution down to about -107 dBFS within the truncated, self-dithered, 16-bit result. Which is pretty amazing. The shallower the shape of the noise-shaping of original dithered source, the worse the self-dithering, until if the source is 16-bit flat TPDF dithered, it has no effect at all on subsequent dsp and you end up with distortion and noise shaping. So this is a form of self-dithering.