Reply To: Studio Calibration

March 22, 2023 at 9:15 am #5548
Norman Varney

    Yes, the ears have the final say. Measurements are needed for verification, sleuthing, to get a reference for comparisons, for QC, and most often to learn what needs to be done to meet the desired goals.

    I do believe that there are electrical and acoustical standards that should be met, that have little to do with personal opinions. For example in room acoustics; ambient noise floor, reverberations times, modes, first order reflection levels, dynamic range, mechanical isolation, etc.

    From an electrical POV; ground impedance, peak current capability, voltage distortion, common mode and normal mode distortion,  harmonic content, isolation, etc.

    In my opinion, these are fundamentals to be established in order to have a first class, neutral, repeatable, predictable environment conducive for critical listening. I wonder if studio owners know the associated numbers for their facilities? The next question would be if they know what the numbers should be, and finally, do they know how to improve them if needed?