Reply To: How do you organize your tracks?

March 13, 2023 at 2:57 pm #5486
Phil Koenig

    My tracks are color coded and arranged in track folder groups. A track folder is a construct that can contain any number of tracks or folders, which by default also serves as a submaster bus for the tracks it contains.  For example, a folder called Drums Bus contains tracks for kick, snare, high hat, room mic, overhead pair, and also contains folders named Toms and Cymbals that contain tracks of that type.

    There are other folders in my template named FX Bus, Vocals Bus, Guitar Bus, etc.

    It is really efficient, and any folder can be visually collapsed to make it easy to navigate projects with lots of tracks.

    This is reliant on the DAW support for track folders.  I use Reaper; I can’t say whether other DAWs have a similar feature.