Reply To: Large diaphragm mikes versus small. Is there a winner?

March 12, 2023 at 10:23 pm #5474
TiKkO Rome

    I had a funny smart ass comment but then I noticed the tags and now, with that context, the question makes more sense.

    While I prefer to capture, lets say a large harp, with stereo SDCs on the room and an LDC near the strings; if I had to choose (maybe I’m out of preamps or something) I think I might prefer the close mic LDC because I can create the stereo SDC room mic sound in post with only the mono close LDC more easily than the other way around.

    I know that’s probably more of an answer about mic technique than mic choice but I’m more prone to those particular mic choices for those purposes, so I suppose it answers the question too.