Reply To: Large diaphragm mikes versus small. Is there a winner?

February 28, 2023 at 10:52 pm #5033
Phil Koenig

    I consider mic choice somewhat akin to an oil painters brush choice.  I record in a studio, and haven’t done much work in recording acoustic ensembles such as classical or jazz.  So it’s mostly a matter of micing individual instruments, usually close mic’ed (varying from inches to 8 feet, or sometimes further for capturing room ambience.

    I like omni  SDCs for a realistic capture of sound in the room, mid/side for ultra realistic stereo field capture (especially nature sounds outside), and LDC cardoids for closer work.  Occasionally I’ll butt a SDC mic up tight to a wall to effectively get a PZM response which works surprisingly well.

    They’re all just tools for a job.  I have no religious belief in ‘one right way’…